CSR and environmental activities

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Basic philosophy

Based on the recognition that the conservation of the global environment is the most important issue for the survival of humanity and that we are blessed with many irreplaceable things from this global environment, Toda Pigment conducts all corporate actives with consideration to conserving both the social and local environments.

Basic policy

  1. Toda Pigment fully understands how our main products, including Bengala and functional iron oxide and the consequent production and development activities, affect the environment and have established environmental objectives and targets, and review these periodically. Toda Pigment endeavors to continually improve our environmental systems and performance.
  2. Toda Pigment promotes environmental management activities to reduce environmental impact, industrial waste, and promotes the 4R principle (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot (Compost)) in order to prevent environmental pollution caused by our corporate activities.
  3. In our efforts towards environmental conservation, Toda Pigment observes environmental regulations and abides with agreements concluded with the country of Japan, the prefecture of Okayama, and the city of Okayama.
  4. Toda Pigment respects the natural environment of the Asahikawa River basin, harmonizes with local communities, and contributes to the local residents through our environmental preservation activities.
  5. Toda Pigment endeavors to thoroughly inform all members of the community of our environmental policy, and seeks to improve environmental awareness through environmental education and public awareness campaigns.
  6. Toda Pigment will publicly disclose this environmental policy to members of the general public on demand.
  7. Toda Pigment will periodically audit and continuously improve our Environmental Management System (EMS).
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