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We are a manufacturer of pigments, mainly the red ferric oxide known as Bengala which Toda Kogyo has produced since it was established in 1823.
Okayama prefecture, where we are based, is the birthplace of Bengala in Japan.
As Bengala was a valuable commodity, the splendor of those times can still be seen in the buildings and the history museum in Fukiya, Takahashi City.
The production method at that time of establishment was a dry process where iron sulfide was fired, but this produced a lot of sulfurous acid gas which was a large environmental burden.
Due to this, we developed a production method with a small environmental burden based on a so-called wet process where iron oxide is fired after being synthesized and having unwanted impurities washed away in an aqueous solution, and we are able to adjust the process to achieve the required ferric oxide. The ferric oxide is produced at Toda Kogyo’s Onoda Plant which has the wet synthesis facility, and we (previously Toda Kogyo’s Okayama Plant) have made it our occupation to refine, pulverize and blend it so that it can be used as pigments.
Bengala is a non-toxic iron oxide and its composition, shape and size can be controlled to produce various colors and characteristics. In addition to being used as a raw material in coatings, resins, roads, coloring for building materials, cosmetics, etc., it is also used as a functional material for various purposes.
In addition to supplying Bengala (red), we currently respond to the needs of our customers by manufacturing a wide range of pigments using our blending and color-mixing technology to combine various pigments such as yellow and black iron oxide.
We will continue to advance the technology long developed by our ancestors, and contribute to our customers and society by engaging in the developing of new products and new uses for them.

Hiroshi Takahama