Management philosophy and management policy

Management philosophy

Our group will forever grow while developing the fine particle synthesis technology which we have cultivated through iron oxide. With a strong base of honesty and trust, we will combine our manufacturing capability and creativity to widely contribute to society through our new materials and solutions which display an attractive originality.

Management philosophy

  • We will continue to develop even 100 years after being founded, and establish a management foundation as a “monozukuri company” that contributes to society.
  • We will continue to polish our “only-one technology” and provide products and solutions with high added value
  • We will become an entity that is necessary worldwide, and increase our group’s corporate value.
  • We will pursue the happiness of our employees and their families, and always be trusted by our stakeholders.

Guidelines for action

  • We will speedily provide our customers with products and solutions that meet their needs.
  • Manufacturing, technology, sales and management will all work together enthusiastically as one company.
  • We will act with a high sense of ethics as an honest and fair corporate citizen.
  • We will increase the gravitas of each individual, and continue to have pride, hopes and dreams.
  • We will work towards harmony and symbiosis with the local society and global environment.