History of Toda Pigment

1823Started producing Bengala in Nishiebara-mura, Shitsuki-gun, Okayama Prefecture (now Ibara City).
November 1933Toda Kogyo Corp. established in Yokogawa-cho, Hiroshima City (Capital: 500,000 JPY) to continue the above work.
November 1954Kibi Kogyo merged with Toda Kogyo and became the Okayama Plant of Toda Kogyo.
November 1967Approved under the JIS Mark Scheme. Approval no.: 667036.
October 1971The dry process for producing pigments was abolished and replaced by refining coarse Bengala produced by Onoda Plant’s wet process or purchased from other sources.
July 1974Stopped refining Bengala purchased from other sources, and concentrated on refining the Bengala produced by the wet process.
October 1975Started production of high-dispersion coloring materials.
  ⇒ED series
October 1989Installed production equipment for high purity iron oxide for ferrite.
April 1993Able to produce high-dispersion coloring materials for building materials and road surfaces, and able to produce natural color pigments.
July 1997Split off from Toda Kogyo Corp. and became Toda Pigment Corp.
December 1999ISO9001 certified
May 2000Acquired Nihon Bengala Kogyo’s pigment department.
August 2000Left the JIS Mark Scheme. Approval no.: 667036.
May 2013ISO14001 certified