Corporate Information

Company nameToda Pigment Corp.
Address822 Ogura, Takebe-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama 709-3124, Japan
Established1 July 1997 (Okayama Plant split off from Toda Kogyo Corp.)
Capital10,000,000 JPY
Business fieldsManufacture of functional iron oxide and iron oxide for pigments
Special characteristicWe can meet the demands of our diverse customers by using the refining technology and color-mixing technology that are based on the rich water supply from the Asahi River.

Bengala Museum

Opened on 30 November 2015.
Exhibits show the history and products of Toda Pigment and Toda Kogyo.
If you wish to visit the museum, please contact us.
Administration Group, Toda Pigment Corp.